It's all about entertainment.

If you can make at least one person forget their daily routines, then it's worth doing it. Me and my guitar are more than happy to be part of this journey - and entertain you.

- Amen-Ra

19 Jun 2019

New Guitar Clinic dates in Europe!

I'm super excited to announce these new Guitar Clinic dates! I enjoy these events so much, thanks to all the maniacs who travel hundreads and even thousands (!) of miles to take part in those evenings. It's so unbelievable. I tell you, this time we will have even more fun! I will change the setlist, bring some merch you can't find anywhere else, I will perform in my new costume before the new Lordi album hits the stores, I might even have a special surprise for you in the form of new material. So, I don't wanna miss these events, neither should you *grins*

October 26th, 2019 Casino Courrendlin Salle le 12 / Courrendlin / Switzerland
October 31st, 2019 Rathaussaal Telfs / Telfs / Austria
November 1st, 2019 Johnnys Lion Cave / Trübbach / Switzerland
November 2nd, 2019 Rock Club Nordbayern / Selb / Germany
November 8th, 2019 Krach Club / Monastier di Treviso / Italy
November 9th, 2019 Champsmeslé / Geneva / Switzerland
November 12th, 2019 Trillions / Newcastle / United Kingdom
November 13th, 2019 Bannerman's / Edinburgh / Scotland
November 14th, 2019 Hard Rock Cafe / Glasgow / Scotland
November 23rd, 2019 Neue Stadthalle Langen / Langen / Germany

So be it, it shall be done,

04 Jun 2019

Invading Youtube

The time has finally come, it was an inevitable step: I have invaded Youtube!

In the upcoming months you'll be able to follow me doing my mummy duties, from Guitar Clinics around Europe to studio work, you'll be right by my side. On my still fresh profile you can already watch a few videos from last month, when I was in Poland to not only do one of my Guitar Clinics but also help break the Guinness World Record for the most guitarists playing in unision. It's still surreal that I got to share the stage with Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson) and Slade amongst others, and play literally right next to Dave Hill from Slade. It was just incredible! Here's a little snippet of Dave Hill and me playing Jimi Hendrix »Hey Joe« together with 7421 other guitarists:

For everyone who wasn't able to see me live in Poland, playing a few Lordi songs on stage before the big Guinness World Record attempt, here's a video:

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So be it, it shall be done,

09 May 2019

Guinness World Record: We did it!

What a great time I had in Poland! The Guitar Clinic yesterday in Klub Gwarek in Kraków was absolutely awesome, such a cool crowd and great anthmosphere. I love doing these solo shows, where I can be so close to the fans, play Lordi songs, talk and entertain you guys, just me and my guitar. I will definitely do more Guitar Clinics, just keep your eyes peeled and check the news here for updates and show dates.

Today was the big day in Wroclaw. Every year since 2006 the »Thanks Jimi Festival« attempts to break the standing Guinness World Record of the most guitarists playing in unision. Last year they succeeded with 7,411 players and guess what! This year we broke the record with 7,423 guitarists playing »Hey Joe«. It was an honor to be part of it and to have helped with setting a new record. Let's see how many people will get together on the market Square next year for the next record attempt.

Photo by Agata Władyczka

So be it, it shall be done,

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