It's all about entertainment.

If you can make at least one person forget their daily routines, then it's worth doing it. Me and my guitar are more than happy to be part of this journey - and entertain you.

- Amen-Ra

07 Apr 2019

Welcome to Amen-Ra's Tomb of Terror!

It's finally done! My cyberspace crypt in the world wide web is now fully equipped and ready to be marveled at. It was a long time coming, but a solid pyramid doesn't built itself, sadly.

Most people know me as the guitar player of the Finnish Metal monster band Lordi, but what they don't know is what else I have in store! I have toured Europe with my so called Guitar Clinic with Schecter Guitars, I've played guitar for the soundtrack of a PC game and I bet you don't know what my favorite sweet is, do you? See, this website is more than needed!

In the vast and endless tunnels of my PHP pyramid you can find every possible information about me that you'll ever need: Detailed biography, my entire setup and gear specs, tour dates not only with my band Lordi but also solo, high-res photos, interviews, etc. If there should be something, that's not covered here, just contact me. This place will grow over time, will have its vaults and crypts filled with even more goodies and I will also update you on everything that's up for your favorite rocking mummy, so make sure to visit my electronic tomb from time to time to catch up on my adventures outside the sarcophagus. You have a question for me that needs to be answered? There's an »Ask Amen« section in the press corner!

So be it, it shall be done,

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