It's all about entertainment.

If you can make at least one person forget their daily routines, then it's worth doing it. Me and my guitar are more than happy to be part of this journey - and entertain you.

- Amen-Ra

25 Oct 2020

1 years Anniversary »Stone and Stars»

This guy is celebrating one year anniversary of Stone and Stars - single, are you? I am.

So be it, it shall be done,

23 May 2020

Thank you, Scream Streamers

To all who joined in scream stream live this weekend, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ it was truly a monster family night, you're the best!

Picture taken from the Lordi's Square, Rovaniemi. My 'high five' to you, my friends.

Photo by MapleStorm

So be it, it shall be done,

08 May 2020

Amen-Ra Lockdown

Another day at the office... I was pretty bored because of this coronavirus pandemic and lockdown and all... But then Mr. Lordi called me...

Remember to subscribe to my YouTomb channel because I need those 1k subscribers to start live streams 😀 yes I do have plans for you 😈

Stay safe, love <3,

16 Feb 2020

The Captain meets... Amen-Ra!

It still feels surreal, that just a few days ago I went to London, to meet up with non other than the Captain! I've been watching the Youtube videos of him interviewing all those magnificent guitarists and then, out of the blue, they invited me. I didn't have to think twice and I was beyond thrilled! Although I must admit I was kinda nervous how it will turn out, you know, I haven't done things like that before.

In the end all my nervousness was unreasoned because the guys were so damn awesome, I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the interview. It's always so much fun to talk to other guitar freaks and geek out on the newest guitar models, pedals and amps.

So be it, it shall be done,

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